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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Exciting news!!

We have some exciting things going on with Immortal Prophecy!

After reading all the reviews, you guys loved the story, which as authors makes us extremely happy! But the editing needed another go. We listened and took it on board.  

As we speak, Immortal Prophecy is being re-edited and whipped into shape for a re-release with bonus material! The bonus material includes the prophecy and adds more to the story line with a group of people that will  be found to help Alessandra in her quest to destroy the evil vampire,Vincent.

We have also included a sneak peek at book two in the Immortal Prophecy Saga. The first chapter of the new book will be available to read at the end of book one.

For everyone that read the book in it's original condition, I will make the bonus material available once Immortal Prophecy has been released again, on this blog.  The page will be called spoilers so that no-one wanders over there by accident and spoils the story for themselves.

In addition to the new material and edits, we have asked the very lovely and wonderfully talented, Regina Wamba from maeidesign.com to design us a new cover!! Kay and I are hopelessly in love with the final product and we hope you will be too! The new cover will be revealed to all on this blog at the same time the new and improved book is available.

Previously, Immortal Prophecy has only been available on Amazon.com.  This will be changing as well!  We are making it available on all major ebook retailers! Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, IBookstore etc.

We want as many people to be able to read it as possible, so that everyone can hopefully love these characters as much as we do.

A new cover, new material, edit and re-release plus being available on all major retailer websites is something we are pretty excited about!!

All of this will be happening in the second half of June!


Claudia Carozza said...

Wow! Can't wait to see what the new cover looks like!

Samantha Adams said...

It's gorgeous!! Can't wait to show it off :)

Rowan Majere said...

When is book 2 coming out?? I'm dying here. Loved the book and I look forward to the re-release how exciting. Bonus material. Heck yeah. :-)

Samantha Adams said...

Hi Rowan!
I'm so glad that you loved Prophecy!
Book two is being written as we speak and will be up in the next couple of months.
The bonus material has just been posted :)
And i will also be posting Chapter One from book two soon.

Rowan Majere said...

Awesome. Can't wait. Love the new cover. I've re-read the book twice now just to make sure I didn't miss anything and to keep it fresh in my mind for the next book. Great job love the new additions as well :-)

Jill Wilson said...

I loved immortal prophecy saga books one and two . I just could not put them down and now I desperate to continue on with the story.
Are there going to be more books released and by when will they be released..?

Many thanks

Samantha Adams said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks so much for your comment! There is another book in the series called Immortal Fate and it will be released in December 2013.

nyssa89 said...

When will.immortal fate be release I'm so.eager to.find.out what happens. It said Dec 2013 but can't find it any where has it been postponed

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