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This page contains the bonus material included in the second edition of Immortal Prophecy.
If you haven't read the book yet, don't read this :)

Bonus material from Chapter Seventeen including The Prophecy -

Ally turned to James, and he could see the wild curiosity burning in her eyes, as she spoke. “So the prophecy…Can I see it now?”
“You are curious aren’t you?” He said on a laugh. “I did promise you that you could, so stay here, and I will go get it.”
Ally nodded and smiled as he walked out the door. She was curious to read it, after all it’s not every day that you find out there is a 500-year-old prophecy written about you! Who wouldn’t want to read that?
Staring into the fire, Ally lost in herself in her thoughts for a moment. Barely a few minutes had gone by when his words brought her out of the daze that had claimed her. “Here it is,” he said, holding a yellowed piece of parchment that had been rolled into a scroll and tied with a red ribbon. It looked so old. She was nervous to touch it in case it disintegrated in her hands.
James couldn’t help the wide smile that spread across his face, as she sat down and took in her expression. “It won’t fall apart, I promise. It’s not as fragile as it looks.”
He held out the scroll for her to take. She looked at it, then looked up at James, before taking the scroll slowly, just in case. When she felt confident it was indeed sturdy enough to be handled, Ally pulled the ribbon to set the paper free and began to unroll it.
She was surprised at first, by the way it was written. Ally had been expecting detailed paragraphs, but instead it was filled with versus’ written in the most intricate writing she had ever seen. She began to read the words that had sealed her fate. 

From the bloodshed she will rise,
The granddaughter of a warrior lost,
Born under the cover of darkness,
Hidden from prying eyes,
She will bear the mark of a lunar eclipse.

Immortals will spread far and wide,
She will bring them back,
No more reason to hide,
Destiny has chosen this one,
But out of fear,
She will try to run.

The chosen one must have faith,
Or all will be lost,
The Dark One will rule the land.
She can win this battle,
But only by her hand.

The Elder Council will rise once more,
One by one,
Six will heed the call.
Nothing like you would expect,
These are yours to revere and protect.

One who knows what she is not told,
One to fight the battles foretold,
One to feel what is not hers,
One from the world which we protect,
One from the enemies which we chase,
And the Chosen One,
Who they will embrace.

When the council has risen,
It is time to strike,
Gather your army,
And go to the fight.
Courage will win the day,
But only if she has chosen to stay.

Ally finished reading and let her hands drop to her lap with the scroll in them. She sat there for a moment taking it all in. “It’s very cryptic,” she said with a smile. “How do we find these council members when we don’t even know who or what they are exactly?”
“We don’t know for sure who or what they are but read it again and see if you can work out what they might be,” he gently instructed.
Ally looked at him and pulled her eyebrows together, then picked up the scroll and read it aloud, one line at a time to work it. “Ok so the first one, ‘One who knows what she is not told.’ Well that could be a psychic right?”
“Yes, that is what I believe,” James said, motioning for her to continue.
“One to fight the battles foretold.’ Could that be a warrior like Damian was?”
James nodded. “I think so, yes.”
“Ok, so next we have, ‘One to feel what is not hers.’” Ally sat pondering that one for a second, then her face lit up as she remembered something Adele had told her. “An empath! That has to be an empath right?”
James smiled at her again. He was so proud of how she was putting everything together. “Yes, an empath.”
Ally was feeling pretty proud of herself too. She didn’t decipher old prophecies every day!
“And ‘One from the world which we protect.’ Ok well that’s a human.”
“Yes. The next one.”
“You know all this already, don’t you?” she asked.
“I have ideas, yes. But we don’t really know anything for sure.”
“Hmm…I guess not. So next, ‘One from the enemies which we chase.’ vampire, right?”
Again, James nodded.
“But how could we have a vampire on our side? That doesn’t make much sense.”
“You’re right, it doesn’t. However, it's in the prophecy, so somehow I am willing to bet we will have a vampire on our side.”
Ally began to squirm a little at the thought of trusting a vampire. “I don’t think I’m loving that idea to be honest, but I guess what choice do we have.” She shrugged.
“I don’t really like the idea any more than you, but it’s in the prophecy and so far everything has come to pass from it, so I have a feeling we will just have to get used to the idea.”
Ally agreed, but still felt uneasy. She looked at the scroll again to read the last line. “Well this one is easy, ‘And the Chosen One.’ That is obviously me. So we have a psychic, a warrior, an empath, a human, a vampire and myself.”
Ally took a depth breath and made a hmpf sound. “So once the council is formed, that is the time to strike right?”
“I believe so, yes.”
“So what do we do now? Are we supposed to be out looking for them or are they going to come to us?”
“I don’t know little one. I have thought about it many times, but I still don’t know.”

Hope you enjoyed reading the bonus material :)


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