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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Immortal Destiny available now at Amazon

Immortal Destiny is now available at Amazon! 


Coming soon to all major online bookstores. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Cover Reveal

Cover reveal time for the second book!

Immortal Destiny
Release date - 27th June 2013

What do you think?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

My double life...

This normally cautious and outwardly reserved author has done something rather unexpected...

I've been varying shades of brunette for the last ten years, but on a spontaneous whim I decided to dye my hair red...BRIGHT RED! 

The work required was nothing short of a marathon! Three nights, two bleaches and copious amounts of fudge hair dye later, the mission was completed with the help of my rather determined younger sister, Emma. Lucky for me, she wasn't willing to give up on the first night or my hair would have remained brown with a red tinge. Not the look I was going for at all! 

I'd almost given up on this new transformation and was feeling a little disheartened, but she looked me in the eye with her stubborn face and said, "I'm not giving up until it's bloody red. It's become personal now!" She does make me laugh.

But this decision was not just out of the blue. A mistake I had made the day before my decision to go red was the catalyst behind it...

Imagine for a moment, Bruce Wayne...
He leads a double life. One as Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy and his alter ego, Batman the superhero saving the world from unimaginable dangers. They are one and the same person but both are very different.
Now, I don't claim to be a superhero in my spare time, but i have in a sense been living a double life...

That double life came to crashing halt Tuesday afternoon, after an incident involving Facebook...

Tuesday afternoon I received three paperback copies of my book! This was the first time I'd seen the book in a physical form, so as you can imagine I was incredibly excited. I took a beauty shot of the books and uploaded them to what i thought was my author page...

It wasn't. 

It was posted to my personal page. *shrieks of horror*

Only my best friend and my immediate family knew that I had written a book. It wasn't that i was ashamed of the book or the fact that i was an Indie Author, it's simply that by nature I am a private and reserved sort of person when it comes to my accomplishments. I don't tend to shout out from the roof tops what I've done. But in keeping that part of me a secret, I'd been hiding a very important part of myself from everyone around me and had split myself into two people.

To the world at large, I was reserved, quiet and apparently to those who know me best, intimidating. According to my mother, think Rosalie Hale from Twilight. I love Roaslie, but she isn't exactly approachable. 
Then I have my author self, which is very different. My author self is creative, intense, fun and a little bit crazy perhaps even unpredictable.

So, what I considered at the time to be an epic fail, actually turned out to be a mistake with a silver lining. It made me realise the vast difference in my two persona's and that perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad thing to find a way to combine the two. 

And so the decision to be bold and dye my hair the crazy red i wanted was made. 
It was a physical way of bringing a part of my crazy author self into my every day self.

I think that Ally could relate to what I'm feeling at the moment. Her transformation is clearly a lot more drastic than mine. I, thank heavens don't have an evil vampire trying to kill me or an ancient prophecy floating about that involves me. But she has to let go of her old self and have the courage to begin the transformation from normal, average girl who is controlled and reserved, sharp as a tack but also lacking confidence in areas to the soon to be Immortal girl whose fate is to go up against an evil vampire that will stop at nothing to kill her.

As I said, mine is not even close to that dramatic but the basics are the same. 

In some small way, there is always an element of truth about the author thrown into his or her books and it's true in this case, but my self-conscious mind knew the truth about me before my conscious mind did.

Call it destiny, fate or whatever, but I'm glad i made that mistake and uploaded that picture to the wrong page. It feels like the beginning of a new and exciting journey.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What is New Adult?

I can hear you all asking, New Adult? What is she talking about?
And up until yesterday i was scratching my head asking the very same question, so let me explain...

The new hot trend or fad as some people are calling in it the publishing circles, tradtional and indie, is the New Adult genre. With the rise of the self-published or indie author, who are no longer bound by what the new york editors or top six publishers dictate their writing to be, a lot of us have been creating some amazing stories featuring a lead protagonist aged between 18 - 25. Previously, if you wrote this it would have been considered a Young Adult novel, which is categorically true, but not at the same time. 

For example, in a by the rule book young adult novel, we authors tend to skip over the more mature content such as sex, drugs and so on, which is obviously the moral decision. You don't necessarily want a fourteen year old to pick up a book marketed to them and find it filled with swearing, steamy sex scenes or someone shooting up. I'm not saying that no young adult books feature this kind of content or that its wrong to do so, but i personally couldn't write these things for a younger crowd. 

Enter the New Adult genre...

In these books, you still have all the charm and coming of age you would expect to find in a YA novel, but with more bite and a lot more steam. You won't find a fade to black sex scene in one of these, and readers around the world are screaming out for more! As you would expect there is more character development and bigger issues that are tackled, simply because they are older. 

Imagine Twilight, for an example as it is. Bella starts off as a sixteen year old attending high school in a new town and meets Edward, the forever seventeen year old vampire. Now...imagine Bella as a twenty one year old college student, trying to find her way, working out who she is and what she wants to do with her life, cause lets face it most of have no idea till our late twenties what we want to do. 

The story would ultimately have been the same, vampire falls in love with a human, human wants to become vampire and so on, but...and here's the big but...there would have been the sex scenes that people wanted to see so badly. (If they didn't, there wouldn't have been sex scenes in the movie, cause there are none in the books. Don't believe me? Go back and read the chapter on the wedding night. It fades to black.) 

For a brilliant example of a New Adult book, go and get yourself a copy of Colleen Hoover's book, Slammed. Colleen and few other authors are finding real success in this new niche and i say good on them! 

Whether this turns out to be a fad or a trend is only something that time will tell, but i honestly think this is something that the publishing world desperately needed. No longer are all of us authors who write NA feeling confused and like we are doing something wrong because we write about women in their twenties! I can't tell you how many times i put my book in the YA category but felt that it wasn't quite right.

But she's twenty-one. Is that too old for young adult? 
I want steam in the book, but is that going to put people off because its YA?
and so on...

I'm not saying YA is rubbish or anything to that effect. I love YA, it holds a special place in my heart and always will. The twilight books are my favourite. Ever! But as a writer, i want to write something with a little more bite, a little more steam and address issues that i couldn't do as well or thoroughly if i wrote for the YA market. 

The funny thing is, up until twenty four hours ago, i didn't even realise i was a NA author, but ever since i clicked on that link, i've been filled with an excitement and relief that i can write how i like. 

So, for those of you that are waiting on book two, be prepared for steam ;)

Thank god for New Adult!

So what do all you readers or writers out there think about the new trend? Love it or hate it?
I'd love to hear others thoughts on the topic :)
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