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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review - The Forgotten by Claudia Carozza

The Forgotten The Forgotten by Claudia Carozza
Book Two in The Barronlands Trilogy

Genre: YA Distopian
Format: Ebook

My Rating: 5 stars!

Synopsis: Hazel's job at the Antioch didn't work out at all like she had planned. After a daring escape and one very risky delivery of the first baby born in years, she's still holding on to the hope of a better future. Out of the Antioch and on the run, who can Hazel turn to for help and can they really be trusted? In the second book of the Barronlands Trilogy, relationships are tested and even more secrets are revealed. Hazel tries to put the pieces together, hoping everything doesn't fall apart. Will she be able to hold it all together or will there be those who slip through the cracks?

My Review: I've been anticipating the release of the second installment in this series after the first chapter, The Twenty left me wanting more of this engrossing story.

And was i disappointed?
Not even close! I expected more of the same intoxicating story telling and i got it.

The Forgotten picks up where we left off with Hazel and the gang, who have just escaped The Antitoch Centre and have sought refuge at her uncles house.

Hazel has found herself in the middle of a delicious love triangle with the super spunk, Luka and the hottie from before her time at The Antitoch, Shane.
Usually there is a clear winner for me who the heroine should be with but i honestly cant decide this time!!

The story is written with such real engaging emotions between Hazel and both the boys that its an almost impossible decision to make! 

Hazel becomes more of a risk taker, leaving behind her safety girl approach to life and discovers a whole new side that she didnt know existed.

The stakes are higher this time and the story moves along at a great pace.

All in all a thoroughly engaging and intoxicating read that i couldn't put down!


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